Thursday 27 April 2017

No imposition of Hindi language by Central Government

There is a report in a section of media that the Central Government is trying to impose Hindi language. In this regard reference was given to the Resolution issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Department of Official Language and it was alleged that it has been made mandatory for Members of Parliament and Ministers knowing Hindi to deliver their speeches/statements in Hindi.

The Committee of Parliament on Official Language was constituted in 1976 and is working since then. This Committee has submitted 9 parts of its report. The 9th part of the Committee's report was submitted to the President of India on 2nd June, 2011. The then Chairman of the Committee and Deputy Chairman of the Committee had given 117 recommendations. As views of all state governments and Ministries/Departments of the Central Government were to be invited on the Committee's recommendations, it took time before the recommendations were considered and accepted by the President.
Recommendation No. 105 is as follows "All dignitaries including Hon'ble President and all the Ministers especially who can read and speak Hindi may be requested to give their speech/statement in Hindi only."
The Central Government while accepting the above mentioned recommendation has issued a Resolution dated 31st March 2017. The Recommendation by the Committee is amply clear as it is in the form of a request and does not entail any form of Order/Instruction. The aforementioned recommendation is in pursuance with Constitutional and Statutory provisions regarding the progressive use of Official Language Hindi. Also, the recommendation is based on the policy of propagation; promotion of Official language through motivation & inspiration which is in line with the Government's Policy.
It is clarified that such media reports are unfounded and devoid of facts.

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