Wednesday 3 May 2017

Cadre Restructuring Doubts and Answers

You may be aware of many speculations surrounding Cadre restructuring and its implementation. This article had been drafted to put an end to such speculation and to vent out the doubts in employee’s mind.

Consequent on Cadre restructuring, Only the posts were been upgraded.(wef 15.4.17 for Tamilnadu circle)

  1. Post of single handed and double handed had been upgraded to LSG
  2. Post of ‘A’ class and LSG had been upgraded to HSG-II
  3. Post of HSG-II had been upgraded to HSG-I
As per Recruitment Rules,
  1. Postal Assistant with 5 Years of service are eligible for LSG
  2. LSG officials with 6 years of service in the cadre are eligible for HSG-II
  3. HSG-II officials with `5 years of service in the cadre are eligible for HSG-I
  4. Senior most HSG-I with minimum 2 years of service are eligible for HSG-I Non functional Cadre.As such, Postal Assistant irrespective of their GP will first be promoted to LSG only. Some comrades were raising a question that whether MACP III (4600 GP) will directly be placed in HSG-I post. No not at all, For getting promoted to HSG-I, one have to work in HSG-II cadre for at least 5 years of service. So they will be placed in LSG first.

    So there are chances that, many HSG-II places may be vacant due to non availability of elibilge officials. So union is asking for one time relaxation to Recruitment rules for posting the officials. 

    Query 1:

    Whether MACP-II (Grade pay 4200) PA be placed in HSG-II(before Cadre restructuring A CLASS OR LSG OFFICE) after Cadre restructuring?
    No. MACP is mere financial up gradation. MACP-II official is also should be treated as PA. As such they will be getting promoted to LSG first.

    Query 2:

    What is the tenure for single handed/Double handed offices, Treasury after Cadre restructuring?
    2 years .As per Directorate order no 4-7/2009-vig dated 07.10.16 these Posts comes under sensitive posts . So they will be rotated after 2 years.

    Query 3:

    Who is competent for posting of PA in LSG post (previously single/double handed) after Cadre restructuring?
    As LSG is a circle cadre, Posting for the LSG and above posts will be done by Circle office. So Posting of SPM in single/Double handed will be done by circle office. Divisional head can issue transfer orders only for Postal assistants Posts.

    Query 4:

    Whether System Administrator, Marketing Executive are LSG posts after Cadre restructuring?
    As of now, they are PA cadre only. Only 59 Posts communicated vide SPOs letter no A/Cadre rest/LSG/Dlgs-I dated 13.4.17 are LSG Posts in our division.

    Query 5:

    If a time scale PA happens to officiate for more than 14 days in LSG post (i.e as SPM in single hand/double hand), whether he is eligible for officiating pay?
    Yes, if an official officiating in higher post for less than 14 days, he is not entitled for higher pay. However, even if the first spell is less than 14 days but subsequently extended, the official officiating in the higher post is entitled for higher pay as per the Directorate letter No. 9-25/82-SPG/SPB II dt. 29.05.86.

    Query 6:

    Whether MACP-I (2800 GP) official working in single handed office will get disturbed after Cadre restructuring ?
    May or may not be. It is subject to grant and acceptance of LSG. As of now, though he/she is placed in 2800 GP he/she is only PA. If that official was granted LSG he/she may not get disturbed else LSG official will be posted in that office.

    Query 7:

    A LSG official working currently in APM (now upgraded HSG-II after Cadre restructuring) can continue in his post?
    May or may not be. If another HSG-II official opts for that post he had to work in other LSG Post. If no eligible officials, they may continue to officiate in HSG-II.////

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