Saturday 13 May 2017

Orders on Option 3 distorted by Government!

Order available at: www.pensioners portal.gov.in


It was highly publicised that as per the High Level Committee's recommendations, the Cabinet has accepted option 3 in lieu of option 1, which will be more beneficial! The publicity has turned out as a stunt to befool pensioners and people! The orders released by Department of Pension on 12.05.2017 has distorted the 5th CPC recommendations (option 3) to suit its retrograde position on Pre-2006 pensioners!

As per the latest orders, notional fixation of pension will be done only on the equivalent replacement scales of the retired and not on the actual pay scales implemented for serving employees! What a shame! Even this new order denies fixation of pension on pay scales of the post/cadre from which the pensioner had retired! This method can never be more beneficial to many than the Option 1 as recommended by 7th CPC!

One thing is clear! Whatever recommendations of 7th CPC suits government's benefit will be implemented as they are; whichever recommendation is to the benefit of employees or pensioners, they will be rejected on so called feasibility! Shameful act of Government!

All pensioners organisations should shed their differences at least now!
All should join hands in challenging this retrograde step of Government in all possible ways!
AIPRPA will play its role for striving such a total unity!

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