Friday 23 December 2016

Demonetisation puts Bank Employees under stress – Bank Unions plan Demonstrations on Dec. 28

Employees Association (AIBEA) and the All India Bank Officers Association (AIBOA) have given a call for demonstration against the problems that various banks and their employees were facing due to demonetisation.
They plan to undertake demonstrations on December 28, followed by the unions addressing a letter to Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on December 29. The unions also plan to stage demonstrations on the issue on January 2 and 3.
AIBEA general secretary C.H. Venkatchalam and his AIBOA counterpart S. Nagrajan, in a statement issued on Tuesday, said: “As per the call of our organisations, already our units have undertaken the programme of demonstrations in all major centres and met the local executives of the RBI to hand over our memorandum.”
The unions have demanded supply of adequate cash to all banks and branches, restoration of all ATMs without further delay and transparency in cash supply to banks.
“If the RBI is not able to supply adequate cash to banks, then decision should be taken to suspend cash transactions in the bank branches till sufficient cash is supplied to banks,” the statement said.
They also demanded a CBIINQUIRY into the cases of seizure of huge number of new currency with some persons when bank branches are cash starved.
The unions demanded compensation to the families of the persons and bank staff who lost their lives recently due to demonetisation.
They asked the RBI and State governments to ensure safety and protection of bank employees and officers by maintaining law and order in all branches to prevent harassment of the staff.
The Bank employees also demanded proper compensation to employees and officers for their extra work/late sittings done in the last more than a month.
Both the unions claim to have over 5.50 lakh members out of the nearly 9 lakh bank employees in the country.
Source: The Hindu

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