Wednesday 28 December 2016

   We waited 50 days! Don't torture for 50 weeks

We Demand our Pension on 31st December!
Hold Protests between 29th and 31st as per local convenience!
On 31st December we want full payment of our pension without any restrictions. It is our earned money and certainly not "black money"! 50 days patience requested by Prime Minister will be over at the midnight of 28th December! We as and along with other patriotic people maintained patience all these days, silently bearing the tortures all around us! But after the assured 50 days at least we are expecting our monthly pension without any more EMIs! AIPRPA CHQ is writing to DoP in this regard, but calls upon the postal pensioners to raise this demand in one strong voice between 29th to 31st December. We are afraid through the media news that government is announcing that the restrictions to withdraw our own money in banks and through ATMs will continue! What is the restriction through ATMs? No ATM is working anymore! Most of the ATMs stopped working! Things have turned from bad to worse! We, the senior citizens are to be spared from the torture! -  KR GS AIPRPA

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